Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hein v. FFRF Supreme Court Decision

I feel deeply saddened by today's Supreme Court decision. Another fundamental precept of America has been undermined; it's now okay for my government to spend my tax money to promote religion, as long as it's done by the Executive rather than the Legislative.
Rather, the Court has left no remedy to prevent it; taxpayers can't sue the Government for spending our tax money in such a blatantly un-Constitutional way, and no one else has standing to do so. It's typical of how those people operate; they have no shame or hesitation in using the most obtuse technicalities to utterly gut the law of any meaning.
Of course, they don't have any hesitation in actively, flagrantly breaking the law either - look at their contempt for FISA. What really depresses me is that no one with any ability to do anything about it seems prepared to call them on it in any significant way. As a group, the Democrats in Federal government seem as spineless as the Republicans are heartless, and as a nation, Americans seem to care more about their stupid celebrities than the fundamental principles their nation used to stand for. There are exceptions in each case, but all their struggling against the tide of venality and apathy seem depressingly Quixotic by times.
I swear, if it wasn't for my son I sometimes think I'd like to just give up and leave the US to decline on its own into the tarpits of history.

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